It’s time for you to hit the reset button on your health in a holistic & sustainable way.

The Health Reset is back for another round, this time with ALL NEW WORKOUTS plus a TONNE of NEW RECIPES added to the recipe book. Join us for Round 2 to hit the reset button on your health and build sustainable, healthy habits in 2023. 

This 8-week challenge is for anyone just starting out on their journey to those who are looking to level up their health and fitness in a sustainable way. Hit the reset button with me beautiful!

Love Steph xx 


Health Reset 2.0 Module Ebook

Each week I will be teaching you everything you need to encompass a healthy lifestyle from nutrition, busting myths, routines, mindset and so much more.

NEW Health Journal

This is a brand new exclusive product just for challenge participants. This journal will be your new best friend to help you track your workouts, nutrition and day to day habits. This health journal will last you 3 months so once the challenge is over you can continue on your journey!

An 8-week workout program

With Gym and Home versions to choose from or mix them up depending on your schedule! Each exercise has a video, so you can be confident with every workout!

Healthy Recipe eBook

Breakfast, snacks, lunches/dinners and sweet treats to help you keep inspired with your healthy choices. This amazing recipe book was created by Steph and a certified nutritionist so you know you will be getting balanced healthy meals and snack options.

Join The Health Reset 2.0 Facebook Group

Get exclusive access to our private facebook group and share your journey with others doing the challenge!


We're giving away prizes to active members of the community all throughout our 8-week challenge! Including our $5000 CASH grand prize!



This health reset has had an unbelievable impact on my overall fitness, positive mindset, confidence in the kitchen - filtering through to pretty much every facet of my daily existence. I honestly can’t thank you enough for putting your creativity and organisational happiness out into the world. Tuning in is so imperative to long term happiness - something this reset is teaching me. I feel like a better wife/mum. 👏🏻💕


I when on this challenge, so I could lose a little bit of weight and tone up for my birthday and get in the right mindset so the photo I’ve just put have was me on my birthday I have lost 6 kg and I feel amazing I cannot. Thank you enough for helping me get a new mindset in overcoming things I have met an amazing group of women which I’ll be in contact for ages now so thank you so much I really do appreciate it xx

Jess B.

This has come at the absolute best time for me. I needed an overhaul on my life and Steph’s Health Reset has done just that. I can already feel my habits building and my mindset changing!

Los Angeles, CA

This journal has been the single reason why I have been so successful with Steph’s Reset program . Forcing me to see exactly what to change and encourage me to do it daily has made new habits form easier. Thanks Steph !