From a multi-passionate mess... to mastering my dream biz.

From a multi-passionate mess... to mastering my dream biz.

What does a messy kid with ADHD and a new mum filled with doubt (and covered in baby spew) have in common? They started the business of their dream, even though they were s#%it scared and had no idea where to start. 

Yep, that kid and that Mum was me. I’m Steph, and I’m the founder and CEO of Steph Pase Planners.

Steph Pase sits in a van delivering stock

The seed of an idea

I’ve loved planners and the idea of being organised ever since I can remember. But in reality, I was a chaotic mess with a mile-a-minute ADHD brain. I still remember watching the Olsen twins’ movie New York Minute and being mesmerised by Jane Ryan's planner.  That planner planted a seed in my mind, and ever since then I knew I had to make planners for messy people like me. 

Did I know how to make a planner? Nope.

Did I know how to run an online business? Nope.

Was I scared? Heck yes. 

Steph Pase stands in a warehouse with stock.

And I see you...

You've been holding yourself back from that dream or business idea. The one that's been sitting in the back of your mind for years. It's scary and overwhelming, right? Where do you even start? Another year goes by, and nothing changes. I know this because I've been there. And I clearly remember the moment I decided to stop waiting to know the answers, and decided to start finding them along the way. 

Everything I wish I knew.

Today, my brand has sold thousands of planners worldwide, but it wasn't easy. There were so many mistakes, late-night tears, huge learning curves and self-doubt. I kept on wishing that there was a guidebook.

So… I went out and made one.

That guidebook, is my Steph Pase Business Planner. I have packed this planner with everything that I wish I knew when I started out. This is the framework I’ve used over the years to organise my business and my life. It also comes with a free Business Bible filled with tips, cheat sheets, and checklists from leading industry experts. This is a little book of business gold that will help you plan your whole business, in one easy place. 

Your sign to just... start.

I made this for the past version of me...
For the people who have an idea or dream and no direction...
For people who don’t know how to plan their time or weeks...
For people who already have a business but feel like a mess or feel stuck...
Even for people working for others who struggle to prioritise.

This is your sign to do it, even if you do it scared. Because this time you have my Business Planner holding your hand every step of the way.

You got this.

Love, Steph